rainbow beach driving

If you are planning a summer holiday in Australia then one of the places you must visit is Rainbow Beach. The Cooloola Coast, often referred to as the “Gold Coast’s Palm Beach”, is just about an hour’s drive from the Sunshine Coast and is renowned for its colourful pink beaches. For visitors coming from the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, it is a perfect holiday getaway for explore the unique coloured sands along the beach. For those wanting to spend more than just a day on the beach, there are many campgrounds and other facilities that allow extended stay. Camping on the beach is popular with surfers and other beach goers who love the warm sea and the stunning views from the sand.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Rainbow Beach Driving?

There are many options when considering Rainbow beach driving tours. In order to obtain a driver’s license in Australia, you must pass several tests including driving under the influence (DUI) and aftercare, and you will have to have insurance coverage in order to drive on the roads outside of your locality. Most tour operators will arrange all of these requirements, although it is advisable to double check to ensure that you will be able to drive on the roads as well as on the beaches. Some of the popular tour operators to travel to this recreation area include Awesome Ollie, Awesome Roadshow, and Camping Motor Home.

To reach Rainbow beach, the best way is to take a coastal car hire from the Gold Coast. Most tourists choose this option because it is not only affordable but safe and efficient, as well as providing them with the ability to explore a large part of noosa north shore. There are also a number of other interesting attractions to be explored while on holiday to this area. A rainbow beach driving tour will allow you to see many of the indigenous cultures of this region.