Heating Ventilation & Cooiling

Heating ventilation & cooiling (HVC) is an myairtoday.com – heating & ventilation integral part of a building’s HVAC system. It works by circulating air throughout the building and regulating its temperature. Typically, HVAC engineers are members of the American Society of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (ASHRAE) or local chapters of the society. These societies provide opportunities for professionals to share their HVAC knowledge and experiences, as well as participate in research and knowledge development.

HVAC systems are very common in both residential and commercial structures, medium to large industrial buildings, hospitals, vehicles, and marine environments. They regulate the temperature and humidity of buildings and rooms by using a combination of indoor air and outdoor air. This makes HVAC a vital part of a building’s HVAC system. HVAC is also used to maintain air quality by introducing fresh air into a building or extracting stale air from the building.