Answer Online phone call tracking software refers to the monitoring of telephone calls which arise when someone has contacted you via email, visited your site and then called. This is a very effective way of keeping tabs on the activities of your customers as well as those of potential customers in order to increase sales. Business owners particularly benefit from the use of Online Call Tracking, as it allows them to build up a profile of who their customers are and what their interests are. For example if you run a child care centre, it can be very useful to know what activities your customers take part in such as whether they are taking part in games, learning new things or simply conversing.

How Does An Online Call Tracking Tool Work?

If used in conjunction with other forms of Online Call Tracking the Online Call Tracking Analytics Dashboard can also provide a very detailed view of your marketing efforts. By combining the data gathered from your website with data supplied by the Online Call Tracking Analytics Dashboard you can gain a detailed snapshot of all your customers and activities which can be compared over time. This dashboard is especially useful for those of you who manage both online and offline presence. It enables you to track the number of calls made as well as calls received which can allow you to make changes to your marketing campaigns.

Online Call Tracking Analytics is also useful for those of you running your own business and who want to monitor your marketing campaigns. With this tool you can set up different lists for different customers such as those which are coming to your site via social media sites or phone calls. Once your customers have been added to your database you will be able to see which of your social media pages or phone numbers are attracting the most attention from your prospects. This can then be used to help you create more effective marketing campaigns.