The Advantages of Using a NACE Inspector

NACE inspectors conduct inspector NACE corrosion and coating system inspections. These specialists use proven and statistical methods to measure the effectiveness of coating systems. NACE inspectors are an excellent choice when quality is the most important factor. They will provide you with a traceable record of your coating’s condition. A NACE inspector will use the same method to check the quality of your work as a manufacturer. Here are some advantages of using a NACE inspector for your project.

The NACE Inspection course is taught through lectures, group exercises, case studies, and hands-on practical labs. Students complete a real-life inspection project that emphasizes proper instrument usage, situation problem-solving, accuracy, and strengthening relationships. After completing the course, students receive a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Pete Ross, owner of Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC, started his career with a regional ironworker/painting contractor. From there, he cross-trained in coating inspection. He worked for a major industrial coatings company in the Midwest and rose to the role of QA/QC manager and ESH Director. Pete earned a NACE Level 3 inspection certification and has since become an Instructor in NACE Inspection courses.

Using a NACE certified inspector will ensure your project’s materials won’t corrode or fail. A NACE inspector isn’t required, but it has its benefits. Using an inspector certified by NACE increases their credibility and makes their job easier. The NACE inspectors also have extensive knowledge of NACE standards and techniques. The certification process has become a globally recognized standard for quality control inspection. It is also an excellent way to keep your coatings up-to-date.