Travelling to Australia is a great idea for many reasons, not the least of which is its spectacular array of stunning beaches. The most well-known beaches here are those in the nation’s east coast, particularly in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, although there are plenty of beaches beyond these. Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, consists of the central island of Sydney, the largest city in Oceania, the island of Tasmania, and a number of other smaller islands. It’s the fifth-most-populous country in the world and the second-most-populous country in Oceania. See website for more.


It’s also worth mentioning that Australia has a unique history and a colourful present. It was here, according to some accounts, that Christopher Columbus first set foot on Australian soil, as recorded in the book of Columbus’s voyage. While no one is quite sure where this is, Australia is also the home of Captain James Cook, who explored and circumnavigated it in the year 1820. He described it as an island that seemed to be “little Europe” in the center of the ocean, surrounded by a “phony of towns”. Many of Cook’s ships came under fire at sea, and there is even a famous shipwreck in the Bay of Islands off the Western Coast of Australia.


Another great way to travel in Australia is on horseback. This is called “riding the log” and is popular all around the country, particularly in the Snowy Mountain regions in Victoria, South Australia and around Lake Otway (New Zealand). There are also tours of remote aboriginal settlements and bush tracks, as well as more mainstream travel experiences in cities like Sydney and Melbourne.